Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pecan bars and my new toy

I've always wanted a food processor. But since I've lived in New York City for the past 10 years, and my kitchens have all been the size of most normal people's closets, there was no room in my precious cabinets or counters for a food processor. Several years ago, I bought one of the mini processors at Williams-Sonoma, and while it managed to chop nuts fine, it didn't do much else. I also tried the blender-food processor combo made by Cuisinart, but it was too loud and didn't really have the power of the real deal.

Last month, out of the blue, a large box arrived from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My husband ordered me a shiny red Kitchen Aid food processor! In the past month, I've used it for just about every shredding or chopping job I can think of. And I love it. Fresh grated cheese? Coming right up!

During my Christmas baking extravaganza, I planned to make pecan bars, but stopped when I read in Martha Stewart's recipe that you needed a food processor to make the dough. Well now that I had one, it was time to put my new toy to the test!

It's amazing how quickly the processor made the dough. It was just as easy as using my trusty Kitchen Aid mixer.

Martha's recipe says to use a 9-inch square pan, but I decided to double the recipe and use a 9x13 pan. In the future, I'd probably stick with the 9-inch pan, as mine came out a bit thick. I tried to cut them into smaller squares to compensate for their thickness.

This one was for my husband, who said the bars tasted just like pecan pie. He seems to be enjoying the treats from my new toy -- although I think he's more excited about being able to have freshly grated Parmesan cheese at any moment.

And although I truly love the processor (the red makes me want to buy a new matching Kitchen Aid Mixer!), I do have one slight problem. Where on Earth do I put it?

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