Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

 As a teacher, summer doesn't officially begin until school ends, which for those of us in NYC isn't until June 27. But it's June and it feels like summer, which means it's a good time for ice cream (okay, is there ever a bad time for ice cream?). 

I remembered seeing a recipe for ice cream cone cake pops in Bakerella's Cake Pop Book that my brother got me for Christmas last year and thought they would be fun to make. Bakerella's version has you cutting down a sugar cone to make the cake pop ball fit on top. That seemed like it would create a huge mess, so I was thrilled when I spotted mini ice cream cones at ShopRite while shopping in New Jersey. Perfect!

The cones are really tiny. I can't imagine actually using them for ice cream, but they were perfect for creating ice cream cone cake pops!

The first step to making these is to make your cake pop balls. I used chocolate cake and icing. You can read how to make basic cake pop balls here. Believe it or not, these were actually easier to make than regular cake pops on a stick because the drip factor is actually encouraged to give it the authentic ice cream melting look. I used a stick and dipped the cake pop into pink molding chocolate and plopped it on the cone. I then pulled the stick out and sat the cone pop on a cookie sheet.
While the chocolate was still wet, I added some sprinkles to the sides. The hole on top is okay -- it will be covered with chocolate and an M&M cherry.
 Using dark chocolate, pour a little bit on top of the pink ice cream, making sure the hole from the stick is covered. I used a fork to do this, but probably should have put the chocolate into a squeeze bottle. Make sure to move the cone around a bit so the dripping is even on all sides.
Before the chocolate sets, add a red M&M to serve as the cherry on top. Because the cones had a flat bottom, these were easy to store and let dry on a cookie sheet. 

Enjoy! Happy Summer!

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