Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hearts on Fire! Valentine's Day Cookies

I know Valentine's Day was last Thursday, but I think it's kind of like Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend, so I'm not too late to the party. 

I was busy in my tiny kitchen the past few weeks, baking some heart day treats for the kids and teachers at school. My favorite cookies are the ones above, which ended up being a last minute creation and so easy to make. The flame effect was created by swirling the yellow, orange, and red flood icing with a toothpick. 

Here are some of my other creations:
These are probably my second favorite. So simple, yet so cute.

I adore these cute little lions. I got the idea from Jill FCS. Super cute!
These were Pinterest inspired typography cookies. My hand hurt after piping the ee cummings poem ("i carry your heart"). 

I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day! 
Much love!

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