Monday, February 11, 2013

My Life, My Joy, My Cookies: Shakespeare Cookie Cutter and Cookies

"My life, my joy, my food" - Shakespeare, King John

I was a junior in high school, in Mrs. White's British literature class, when I first discovered Shakespeare. We were reading Hamlet and I was captivated. Never before had I read a story so intriguing and complex. I was hooked. Fast forward twenty years (yikes), and now I'm the teacher teaching Hamlet and hoping my students love it as much as I did on my first read.

I've been thinking about baking Shakespeare cookies for awhile, but I wasn't quite sure how to get them to look like the Bard. After the success of my Grinch cookie cutter made by WarpZone, I asked if they could make one to look like the image of Shakespeare I found online. While there are tons of Shakespeare graphics online, I tried to find one that wasn't too busy (and therefore too hard to cut).
Athey Moravetz from WarpZone quickly got back to me with a screen shot of the cookie cutter (made from her 3D printer). Here is the final product:
The lines on the inside of the cookie cutter act as a stamp, making an imprint on the cookie to help with decorating. I learned after a few tries that you only wanted to lightly press on the stamp parts, so you don't create a deep line in your cookie. Here's what the cookies look like after they've been cut and before they've been baked:
After baking, you can still see the stamp lines.
The nice thing about the stamp is that if you were in a hurry or didn't want to decorate with icing, you could leave the cookie exactly as it is at this point and it still looks really cool. 

I wanted to give Shakespeare a little color, so I mixed some icing. Start with his face, following the outline on the cookie.
Next outline and flood his hair, followed by his ruff. I was too excited at how cool the cookies were looking and forgot to take pictures of those steps. Once the flood icing has dried (about 6-8 hours), go back and add the detail piping on his hair, face, and attire.
Let the cookies dry again for several hours before packaging. Use the time to read a couple scenes of your favorite Shakespeare play (Hamlet? Macbeth? Midsummer?... It's so hard to choose!).  
I'll leave you with my favorite Shakespeare quote, one I learned during that first read of Hamlet: "This above all, to thine own self be true."

Happy Baking! I'll be posting some Valentine's Day cookies later this week. I've been on a baking kick lately, so I have lots to share! 


  1. This is legitimately amazing. I wanted to celebrate Shakespeare in my classroom, and I was looking for ideas when I came across this blog. I don't think I can replicate your cookies (even I was blessed with a Shakespeare cookie cutter), but kudos to you, madam. You are a wonder, and this was a joy upon which to stumble!

  2. This is awesome! How do I get a cookie cutter for myself?? I work with a Shakespeare company in Jerusalem and we would love to get this!

    1. I found this Shakespeare cookie cutter on Amazon.

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