Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Play's the Thing: Literary Bake-off Round 2

Last year, the students in my AP English class participated in a Literary Bake-off for their final exam. The assignment was to create a baked good that reflected in some way a work of literature we read in class. The assignment was such a hit that this year's class began asking about their final exam back in September. Several students told me they thought about what they would bake all year.
I thought long and hard about what to make for my own entry, but settled on baking something reflective of the play Hamlet, the last thing we read this year. After the AP test in May, my students rehearsed and performed a 30-minute adaptation of Hamlet. Watching students perform and love Shakespeare makes my teacher heart smile.

When I saw this comedy and tragedy mask cookie cutter at, I knew I had to use it for this project. I also decided to make some Yorick skulls to go with the theme.
Looking at the pictures I took on the day of the bake-off, I realized I had mostly pictures of the students and little of just their baked goods. They truly impressed me this year. One student ordered a baby mold and made chocolate babies swimming in Jello soma to represent the society in the novel Brave New World. Amazing. 

After I set up my cookie display and explained the symbolism of the cookies, you would have thought I was giving away money. Within minutes, not a single cookie was left.
I can't wait to see what my students create next year!

If you'd like to see more information about the assignment, with an assignment sheet and rubric, you can visit my store at Teachers Pay Teachers for a preview.

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