Thursday, September 26, 2013

Keeping Busy, Baby! Cute Onesie Cookies

September seems like the longest month. Maybe that's because I'm a teacher, and after two months of life at a slower pace, it's so hard to get back to a routine. 

In addition to the start of the school year craziness, I've also been busy lately with some cookie orders. First up was an order for cookies to go with a Bubble Guppies party for a one-year old. Some beach scenes and cute purple starfish were in order. 
Next up was an order for baby shower cookies. I love these cute onesies!
I also made a few baby bottles with some extra dough to include. Super cute!
Hope you've been having a nice fall so far! I'm loving the weather we've been having lately. It reminds me of San Francisco and the trip I took this summer with my Mom! Look for more cookie postings soon. I'm already starting to plan for Halloween!