Monday, November 25, 2013

Gobble, Gobble! Thanksgiving Mini Cookies

Where has the fall gone? Last time I posted, it was still sunny and warm. Now, it's 30 degrees for the high and snow is on the way. Brrr! While I have still been baking, I've been a little lazy at posting. I blame it on school. Fall always seems so overwhelming and busy.
Aren't these little cookies cute? I was inspired by Hayley Cakes and Cookies, who always bakes such adorable mini cookies. Each cookie is a perfect bite. 
My favorite is this cute turkey. Super easy to make, but so adorable.
The pumpkin is pretty cute, too! Along with the scarecrow. The cute scarecrow reminds me of the scarecrow my grandma used to have in my grandparents' backyard. It wasn't as much of a scarecrow as it was a piece of unique artwork. 
These cookies were packaged in a long pretzel bag (five mini cookies per bag), heat sealed, and sent off to my family in Ohio as a treat for Thanksgiving. I hope they serve as a mini reminder of how thankful I am for each of them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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