Monday, May 26, 2014

Cupcake Cuties: Mini Cupcake Cookies

Truth be told, I haven't baked cookies since Valentine's Day. Well, actually, I did bake cookies for St. Patrick's Day and Easter, but when it came time to decorate them I was too busy and stressed out to use a piping bag. 

But when my mom called last week asking for some cookies for a friend's daughter's bridal shower, I couldn't say no. And I didn't want to -- it had be far too long since I mixed up a batch of icing!

While I forgot to take pictures of the cute little flower cookies I sent, I was able to make these mini cupcake cookies using extra dough and leftover icing.  Aren't they cute? Each cookie is about and inch and a half high, making for one sweet bite.
These cookies will be going to school with me tomorrow for some sweet teacher friends of mine. With school winding down for summer, I look forward to baking and posting more. Stay tuned for more cute cookies!

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