Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Grover Birthday Cookies

 I learned something about cookie decorating while making these cookies for my friend's birthday -- making character cookies is hard work! At first glance, Grover appears to be rather simple -- only five icing colors and no crazy small spaces to decorate. But, as I learned, getting all the facial features just right takes skill and a lot of patience.

I did the facial features first, letting them dry before adding Grover's blue fur. I did let the pink nose dry before adding the black of his mouth to prevent bleeding. 
The blue icing and sanding sugar covered up my non-straight lines and gave Grover a bit more definition. I tried to outline the eyes and mouth in black once again after the fur dried, but decided I didn't like the look. My friend said he looked more like Kardashian Grover with the black lining around the eyes. I also tried other blue sprinkles, and while they were okay, they were more difficult to work with than the sanding sugar. 

Overall, I'm happy with how these cookies turned out and they were a nice surprise for my friend, who loves Grover. 


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  1. Love the cookie!! Where did you get the cutter please?!