Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Fall! Leaves, Pumpkins, and Monsters

Driving through upstate New York last week brought such pretty pictures of peak fall foliage, inspiring me to make some easy leaf cookies. I've made these before, but love how they look when the colors are mixed together, just like in nature. 
I did make a few Halloween cookies to take to school, but forgot to get out my good camera to take pictures. I did manage a few shots of some monster action and wrapped up jack-o-lanterns. 
Simplicity was the name of the game, as I tried to keep things simple, yet cute. I love the way these little monsters turned out.
And, of course, what would Halloween be without pumpkins? I tried texturing the orange icing to mimic the effect of a pumpkin's ridges. My phone pictures aren't doing the texturing justice.
Hope you've had a great fall! I can't believe it's November already and that Christmas will be here soon! 

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