Monday, December 28, 2015

Festive Trees and NYC Taxi Cookies

It certainly hasn't been snowy in NYC lately (it was 74 on Christmas Eve!), but I love the look of the City during the holidays. All of the stores are decorated, snowflake lights hang from the streets, and even some taxicabs add some decorations to their vehicles.
Some of my favorite lights, however, appear on the numerous Christmas trees throughout the City. Those lights inspired these easy-to-decorate Christmas tree cookies, which are one of my favorites to make. Once your cookie has been flooded with green royal icing and completely dried (for at least eight hours), pipe a white zigzag on top of the cookie.
Once the zigzag has been piped, dip the cookie into colored nonpareils. I usually pour the entire container of nonpareils into a coffee filter and then place the cookie icing side down into the decorations to ensure even sprinkle coverage. The coffee filters make it easy to pour the sprinkles back into the container when you're finished.
The finished result looks just like the lights on a Christmas tree.
Hope you are having a festive holiday season!

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